About Us


For well-known Wholesale and Retailers like you, we have become a trusted, fully integrated importer and distributor of Frozen Vegetables and Fruits.

We have been building close alliances with the industry in the USA for over 20 years. We specialize in fulfilling your needs and demands for Frozen Foods in the USA and several European countries. We do private-label packaging for several customers.

Customers like you usually buy from us:

  1. IQF Fried Products: Whole sweet plantain, sweet plantain slices, Hawaiian “tostones,” and regular “tostones.”
  2. Frozen Mixed Vegetables Products in chunks: white malanga/yautia and cassava, pumpkin, Ajiaco, Sancocho.
  3. Dough of Yautia, alcapurrias, cassava, Ripened Plantain, and plantain.
  4. Frozen Fruit Pulps and chucks: Passion Fruit, Mamey, Mangoes, Papaya, Pineapple, Blackberry.
  5. Plantain and Mashan Frozen leaves.
  6. Flour Products: Cassava, Yautia, and Plantain.
  7. Snacks Products: Green Plantain Chips, Sweet Plantain Chips, Cassava Chips, Yautia Chips. 

Man-Zhi S.A. Ecuador is a company dedicated to manufacturing and distributing Fruit Pulps, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Yucca, Ripened Precooked Plantain in oil, and a variety of Vegetable Flours (Plantains, Banana, Cassava, and Malanga). 

In addition to the products mentioned above, Man-Zhi S.A. Ecuador manufactures several Yucca/Cassava and Sweet Plantains derivatives, such as Pan de Yuca, Yuquita, and Buñuelos. Since 2004 Man-Zhi S.A. Ecuador. Exports pulp of exotic fruits such as Maracuyá/Passion Fruit, Mamey, Guanábana/Sour Sop, Blackberry, among others. In 2005 we produced Cassava Dough, Malanga Dough, Alcapurrias Dough, Banana Dough, and Whole Frozen Pumpkin Dough. In 2007 Man-Zhi S.A. Ecuador exported Cassava Flour, Malanga, and Bananas. From the year 2009, Man-Zhi S.A. Ecuador. has exported precooked frozen plantain. By the year 2014, Man-Zhi S.A. Ecuador exported frozen Tostones.

Man-Zhi S.A. Ecuador exports to the U.S. since 1997 through other intermediaries and to Europe since 2001; it also supplies large juice factories in Europe, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. with fruit pulp as raw material, semi-processed products (Green Tortillas, Empanadas de Verde, Muchines de Yuca, Churros). We also manufacture products with Institutional Sales in presentations such as 200 kg. Tank, 18 kg.

We are ready to accommodate any particular Frozen Vegetable and Fruits Food needs. Call us now